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About Jake

Jake Ace is 25 years old. His interest in magic has been with him from a very early age. Jake thinks most young children are fascinated by magic but as they grow older they lose the fascination but not with Jake it grew and grew!

Every time there was a family or friends party his magic skills were always called upon to provide the entertainment. Jake was told after every performance that his magic was getting stronger. They said one day Jake would be able to make a career from performing magic!

Jake’s first performance in front of a large audience (of roughly 600 people) was at Potters Resort in the guest talent show and he was always praised by the Compare about his magic.

In March 2013 Jake became a member of The Anglian Magic Society. Jake enjoys meeting up with other magicians on a monthly basis to watch lectures and have quiz nights all about magic! Before Jake turned 18 he was a member of the Junior Magic Circle in London. Jake is also a member of The gathering which is a monthly meet for magicians to share ideas. Jake is member of Equity- the performers union.

Jake is currently resident entertainer at Pettitts Animal Adventure Park, You can see him performing as Ranger Jake every weekend and every single day in school holidays during the season!


Why book Jake’s Children’s Parties?
Jake offers a stress free party! You provide the venue, food and children and Jake will take care of everything else. Jake will not only keep the children entertained but all the adults will have a great party too!
Why choose Close Up Magic?
Close Up Magic is becoming more and more popular for events where you are seated to have a meal or events which do not have space for a theatre style show.
What does a ‘Cabaret Show’ mean?
Jake’s Cabaret show is his theatre style show. Imagine wowing your guests with stunning Magic, ventriloquism, comedy and more! Don’t panic you don’t need to book a theatre for Jake’s show to work!
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